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Project Information

The aim of EO-LDAS is to develop a generic scheme for the assimilation of satellite data to improve the consistency and quality of geophysical product of the land surface. The main tasks of the project are to develop and document and generic scheme and to prototype parts of the scheme to validate its potential.

For the time being the scheme and prototype concentrate on medium resolution (10-30m resolution) optical data

The project is funded by the ESA Support to Science Element and is led by the National Centre for Earth Observation at the University of Reading, UK. Links to all the team members can be found on the right.

Project Objectives

 To establish the scientific requirements for EO-LDAS

 To develop overall scheme architecture and interfaces

 Consult with the scientific community to confirm structure of the scheme and priorities for initial implementation

 Implement prototype with selected components

 Validate prototype

 Develop scientific roadmap for further development


Project Activities