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Community Workshop

As part of the project, a Community Workshop was held at ESRIN on November 16th-17th 2009. The objectives of the workshop were:


 to inform the wider community about the developments planned in the project

 to get feedback on the user requirements and overall architecture of the generic LDAS

 to examine in detail the technical options for each of the main components of the scheme

 to identify priorities for components to be implemented in the prototype

 to promote opportunities for wider use of the prototype, especially for validation purposes

 to agree medium and long term steps required to achieve an operational system.

The workshop comprised key-note addresses on the theme of land data assimilation, presentations from the project team on the overall scheme and its components, and technical sessions allowing participants to comment on the content and future evolution each of the main components of the scheme (surface modeling, radiative transfer modeling, and assimilation module).



The presentations given at the workshop can be downloaded by clicking on the links below


Setting the Scene


ESA science strategy and future programmes. Einar-Arne Herland ESA

History and context for the project. Michael Berger, ESA

LDAS scope, users and high level requirements. Jon Styles, Assimila Ltd


Science and Applications Perspectives


Key issues for EO of land surface processes. Bernard Pinty, JRC

Experience with land data assimilation for agriculture and carbon cycle applications. Frederic Baret, INRA

Assimilating Canopy Reflectance data into an Ecosystem Model with an Ensemble Kalman Filter. Philip Lewis, UCL



Overview of the LDAS Scheme

LDAS overall architecture. Jeff Settle, University of Reading


Technical Sessions



Surface Modelling Sietse Los, University of Swansea

RTM Nadine Gobron, JRC

Assimilation Phil Lewis, UCL

Validation & Test Site and Data Christiane Schmullius, FSU Jena







ESRIN 16-17 November 2009