EO Land Data Assimilation Scheme

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This is the home page for the Earth Observation Land Data Assimilation (EO-LDAS) project. The project is funded by ESA as part of the Support to Science Element (STSE) of the Earth observation Envelope Programme.

The aims of the project are:

 To develop and document a generic data assimilation scheme to assist the retrieval of geophysical parameters from medium resolution optical EO data

 To develop a prototype software package implementing selected aspects of the scheme

 To validate the prototype using multi-sensor EO data and field measurements

For up to date information on EO-LDAS further developments click here.

EO-LDAS Prototype software now available from this link.


The project is led by the UK National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) with a team that includes:


 The University of Reading

 University College London

 Swansea University

 The Joint Research Center

 FSU Jena

 FastOpt GMbH

 Scisys Ltd